Feb 202011

The Town of Mariposa – A Short History by Tom Phillips

The Mariposa area was said to have been named by a Spanish Priest under the direction of explorer, Gabriel Moraga. Moraga was the leader of a 25-man troop that explored central California in 1806. When he and his expedition came upon a creek laced with thousands of yellow butterflies, they named the area “Mariposa” which was the Spanish word for butterfly.

The Mariposa town site area was first the home to the Southern Miwok Indians. They have lived in the Central California area for untold generations before any Europeans arrived in the Americas.

Juan B. Alvarado Mexican governor of California (1836-1842,) was awarded the “Las Mariposas Grant”. The “Las Mariposas Grant” was a “floating” grant which meant that it had no fixed boundaries. It was ten square leagues (approx. 44,400 acres) located generally on the Mariposa Creek between the San Joaquin, Chowchilla, and Merced rivers and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
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Dec 282014

“Mariposa Museum and History Center Presents”
“Docent Fair”
March 21, 2015
10:00am to 4:00pm
At the Mariposa Museum and History Center

The Docent Fair is to let our Docents and the Community visit for a
day to enjoy touring the displays, buildings and “hidden secrets” of the
Museum and to give them a better understanding of all that our Museum has to
The Gazette Building, Count’s House, Stamp Mill, Broom Shop,
Blacksmith Shop and Gold Panning displays will be open with experts at each
station to talk about different aspect of the displays. The Vault and
Basement will also be open for those who would love to see the archival
history of Mariposa.
We welcome those who are interested in volunteering either as a
Docent, Tour Guide, or helping with the ongoing work projects, both inside
and outside the Museum. Projects from archiving records, trimming trees,
building and maintain displays, replacing light bulbs, and sweeping
walkways, to major construction of stamp mills are a consistent need at the
History Center. There may just be something you would enjoy being a part of
and most important, experience is NOT required, only a love of history and a
desire to be a contributing part of the museum is necessary. Those desiring
to help will be trained for any area they are interested in.
The Smithsonian has named our museum “one of the top 10 small
museums west of the Mississippi”. We consider this a great honor and strive
to maintain our level of excellence. So come and join us for a day of fun
and discovery and who knows, you too may become a vital part of the Mariposa
Museum and History Center.

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