Welcome to the Mariposa Museum and History Center

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Feb 202011

The Town of Mariposa – A Short History by Tom Phillips

The Mariposa area was said to have been named by a Spanish Priest under the direction of explorer, Gabriel Moraga. Moraga was the leader of a 25-man troop that explored central California in 1806. When he and his expedition came upon a creek laced with thousands of yellow butterflies, they named the area “Mariposa” which was the Spanish word for butterfly.

The Mariposa town site area was first the home to the Southern Miwok Indians. They have lived in the Central California area for untold generations before any Europeans arrived in the Americas.

Juan B. Alvarado Mexican governor of California (1836-1842,) was awarded the “Las Mariposas Grant”. The “Las Mariposas Grant” was a “floating” grant which meant that it had no fixed boundaries. It was ten square leagues (approx. 44,400 acres) located generally on the Mariposa Creek between the San Joaquin, Chowchilla, and Merced rivers and the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

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A History of Rock Climbing in Yosemite Valley

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Mar 132019


El Capitan, 1965
Photo by Glen Denny, used with permission

A History of Rock Climbing in Yosemite Valley

An exhibit featuring a history of rock climbing in Yosemite Valley is scheduled to run from April thru June of 2019 at the Mariposa Museum. The exhibit will include artifacts from iconic first ascents of climbing in Yosemite Valley. A speaker series is slated to occur in conjunction with the exhibit.

Ken Boche will be the first speaker in the series at the grand opening of the exhibit on Friday, April 5th at 6 pm. The presentation will be on his first ascent of the Psychedelic Wall on Sentinel Rock with Dennis Henneck in September of 1966. Glen Denny, Gary Colliver, and other speakers from major first ascents and milestones of Yosemite Valley rock climbing history will be some of the speakers featured in the series. For more information, contact the Mariposa Museum at (209) 966-2924 or follow the Mariposa Museum and History Center on Facebook to stay updated on event dates and times.

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