Our museum has a very limited paid staff, so we rely heavily on volunteer docents to help disseminate information and answer your questions. These docents are strictly volunteers and receive no pay for the time and energy they donate. They do this work out of love for the museum and because they enjoy sharing the rich history of our area with visitors from around the world. While the inside areas are attended daily by docents, special arrangements must be made so docents are available for outside tours, which include operation of our “5000 Pound” Stamp Mill, Gold Panning lessons and demonstrations of our fully functional Blacksmith Shop. Our docents also give tours of the original Mariposa Gazette newspaper building and the Counts Residence. Advance scheduling arrangements with our Tour Coordinator will ensure that your museum visit is tailor-made to your specifications and staffed by our friendly, knowledgeable volunteers.

Museum docents also participate in maintaining the museum grounds/buildings and reconstructing or arranging  various exhibits, such as our 5-stamp mill and the re-creation of our newest 2-stamp mill, which often involves rescuing artifacts and making them ready for public presentation.


do·cent [doh-suhnt; Ger. doh-tsent]
1. privatdocent.
2. a college or university lecturer.
3. a person who is a knowledgeable guide, especially one who conducts visitors through a museum and delivers a commentary on the exhibitions.

1630–40; < German Dozent < Latin docent- (stem of doc?ns, present participle of doc?re ), equivalent to doc- teach + -ent -ent

Please take a moment to thank a docent during your visit, so they will know their efforts are appreciated.

Even this website is maintained by volunteer efforts.
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