What Qualifies As An Antique!



The Mariposa Museum and History Center recognizes an ANTIQUE as being an item or collection of items that, as of the date of their consideration, are at least 75 years old; with items older than 60 years but less than 75 years being considered SEMI-ANTIQUE. Items from 25 to 60 years are considered to be OLD, and less than 25 years are considered NEW.

The museum strives to keep the focus of its collection in the true ANTIQUE classification, but will consider accepting items that are of lesser vintage on an individual basis or if they are part of a larger collection, with the exception of items considered to be NEW.

Acceptance of any donated or loaned items that are less than 75 years old will be dictated by a majority yes or no vote of the board of directors.


Although the Mariposa Museum and History Center will consider any and all antique qualified items that are tied to use and/or ownership within Mariposa County, some discretion must be exercised as to items and collections belonging to an individual or a family; and how long that individual or family has lived within the county.

Generally speaking, an individual or family that has resided in Mariposa County for at least 50 years, and has had in the individual’s or family’s possession the qualified items for at least that amount of time, will be afforded full consideration as long time residents.

Consideration will also be given to the biological or legal relationship of an individual or family, to other longtime Mariposa County residents for the purpose of establishing a tangible like to the significance of the item(s) being considered for accession. Such consideration shall be used only to determine the importance of the item(s) in question to the history of Mariposa County.


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