List Of Displays


This is list of displays found in our Museum as taken from our self guided tour booklet….Some of which may have portions displayed with graphics and accompanying text on this website.

A. Entrance & Foyer
B. Sheriff”s Office
C. Still -To Manufactured Liquor
D. Yosemite Valley Railroad
E. Miss Jennie’s Store
F. Replica of San Francisco Mint Steam Engine
G. Gold Specimen (Temporary closed)
H. Mariposa Mine


1. Photography
2. “Dear Charlie” Letters #1 
3. Medical Offices and Trabucco’s “Cheap Cash” Store
4. Turn-of-the-Century “Friendship” Cards & Marriage Certificate
5. Ornate Spanish Saddle
6. Dry Washer
7. Mariposa Mines & Gold Miners
8. Map of Spanish Settlements In California
9. Map Depicting Various Routes Taken By Immigrants and Settlers
10. “Dear Charlie” Letters #2
11. Origins Of Gold
12. Hard Rock Exhibit
13. Placer Mining
14. Mercury Extraction
15. Assay Office
16. From The Mine To The Mint
17. Yosemite Exhibit
18. David Clark Letters
19. “Dear Charlie” Letters #3 
20. Miner’s Cabin
21. Fremont Exhibit
22. Furniture Of The Times
23. Water Pump
23A. Food Press
24. Jesse Benton Fremont
25. Parlor
26. Rotating Exhibit (changed periodically)
27. One-Armed Bandit (slot machine)
28. Mariposa Drug store
29. Trabucco Emporium (Items of the feminine persuasion)
30. Mariposa County Courthouse
30A. Peanut Machine
31. Butterfly Store
32. Hornitos And Juaquin Murietta
33. & 34. Bear Valley Saloon
35. Bills of Lading
36. Schlageter Family And The Schlageter Hotel
37. Frontier Doctor
38. One-Room Schoolhouse
39. Ice Saw
40. Ranching Items
41. Kitchen
42. Ben Hur Ranch


43. Working Model of Stamp Mill
43A. Wayne Hand Operated Model 515 Gas Pump
43B. Map of California Counties (1850)
44. Miwuk and American Indian Life
45. Player Piano
46. Chinese Immigration
46A. Chinese Display
46B. Logging In Mariposa
47. Cabinet Makers Shop
48. Barbed Wire and Branding Irons
49. John C. Fremont
50. E. Clampus Vitus
51. Rotating Exhibits (changed periodically)
52. Catholic Community Display
53A. Snow and Co. Safe
53B. Ammunition And Re-loading Equipment
54. Cheese Cutter & Barrel
55. Mariposa Telephone Exchange

To learn more about these displays come and visit us…

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