Mariposa Town Cemetery


The Mariposa Town Cemetery.

Counts Cemetery Head Stone

Located at the north east corner of town, this cemetery dates back to the roots of Mariposa, it contains the remains of many important figures that were instrumental in how the town was formed and moved forward. History is recorded here in the names and relationships of fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, siblings, aunts, uncles and loners… It’s a quiet place to roam through and read the epitaphs or sagas of the struggles and successes and failures that makes Mariposa what it is today.

Mariposa Town Cemetery

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Adopt-A-Plot Program

This program is not a function of the Mariposa Museum and History Center (MMHC); however, the museum does recognize and encourage this program as it helps to preserves the history of Mariposa.

Adopt-A-Plot is an all volunteer program to get the public involved in the care and light maintenance of a plot or plots in the Mariposa Town Cemetery. Adopt-A-Plots goal is to show a tangible effect by reversing the effects of age and neglect that so many of our older pioneer cemeteries suffer. This program is endorsed by the County of Mariposa.

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Contact Information about Adopt-A-Plot at the Mariposa Town Cemetery.

Program Director
Ron Loya
PO Box 1170
Mariposa Ca. 95338
Phone 209-966-3692

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