Jan 092017

— Photo provided by Skip Skyrud —

Beth Pratt-Bergstrom and Tom Phillips with actual life size cutout of Mountain Lion (Puma) P22 which lives in Griffith Park among all the humanity in the Los Angeles Basin…

The Sunday afternoon Fireside Chat was a presentation by Beth Pratt-Bergstrom, wildlife advocate, author, and California Director for the National Wildlife Federation covering the life of P22 and other wild animals in California’s Mountain country..

The presentation was enjoyed by a standing room only crowd of local residents and tourists who were not able to make their destination of Yosemite National Park because of flooding in the park valley and Merced River canyon due to a sever winter storm that brought an extreme amount of rain to the area closing the park for the weekend.

More about Beth Pratt-Bergstrom and her accomplishments can be viewed here:

Beth Pratt – National Wildlife Federation


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