NEW “OLD” Things


NEW “OLD” Things From the Sweetwater Mine

On August 7, 2012 On Tuesday August 7, 2012 Mariposa Museum and History Center (MMHC) took deliver of a 9600 pound “Chilean Mill” and a 12 inch Hendy Foundry “Jaw Crusher”. These were the last remaining artifacts from the “Sweetwater Mine” that through government and museum efforts we were able to rescue from damage or destruction from “scavenger/scrappers” (illegal metal thieves)….

We now are proudly the custodians of the 10,000 pound Stamp Mill (in parts) the Steam Engine that powered it, the Chilean Mill and Jaw Crusher from the Sweetwater Mine.

Thanks to efforts of Museum directors Mike Wenrich. Ed Drechsler and Ron Loya and Board President Sylvia Emery and the many others who have been instrumental in this acquisition, we are able to preserve this invaluable piece of Mariposa Mining history.

This acquisition completes the last of four remaining “ore reduction” machines from the mine.

Everyone is invited to stop by and see the reassembly of these artifacts and progress on this and other (ongoing restoration) displays.

A Joshua Hendy 12 Inch Jaw Crusher


New 12 Inch Hendy Crusher #2


New Hendy 12 Inch Crusher


15,000 Pound Chilean Mill From The Sweetwater Mine

9600 Pound Chilean Mill From  #1

This is how mill was found after Clyde Fosters death and after Sweetwater claim was abandon. This is before salvagers could get to this and destroy it for the price of scrap metal. The 12 inch Hendry jaw crusher (pictured above) is behind the Chilean Mill, out of sight deeper in building.


9600 Pound Chilean Mill From  #1


9600 Pound Chilean Mill From  #2


9600 Pound Chilean Mill From  #3


9600 Pound Chilean Mill From  #4

The three approximate 38 inch diameter wheels in foreground weigh in a little over 3,000 pounds each. The mortar box (saucer shaped base) weights in at about 6,200 with these 4 pieces and about 500 pounds on ancillary “parts” total weigh of unit is approximate 15,700 Pounds.

Update September 19, 2012

9600 Pound Chilean Mill Almost Completely Assembled

The almost completely reassembled Chilean Mill. It is still lacking the automatic ore feeder and drive wheel, but its only a matter of time and effort from museum volunteers.



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