Our "2" Stamp Mill


We are in process of complete reconstruction of a Joshua Hendy “2000 Pound” stamp mill.

2 Stamp Sketch

Build sketch of 2 stamp mill.

2 Stamp Build
Progress 05-08-2011

First phase of construction is complete with new concrete foundation poured, “battery” box in place and new timbers awaiting layout work, drilling, and being put in place.

2 Stamp Build

Udate! 10-29-2011

First of the four main corner support beams being lifted into place.

2 Stamp Build

All four main corner posts in place awaiting overhead hardware.

2 Stamp Build

Udate! 01-07-2012

We now have all the major hardware in place, the “Bull Wheel”, the main shaft with cams and stamps with tappets.

2 Stamp Build
Update 02-04-2014

View as you first approach mill from other displays.

2 Stamp Build

View from front of mill where catch table will be placed.

2 Stamp Build

View of steps to platforms where operator will “step” the stamps and where worker will move ore from ore cart to feed the stamps.

2 Stamp Build

View from museum porch.

Next phase(s) are to get ore catch table in place and get ore car and tracks in place and power to stamps.

When reconstruction is complete it will be a fully functioning exhibit.

Updated 02-09-2014

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