Our “5” Stamp Mill

A Joshua Hendy Manufacture 5 stamp (5000 pound ) stamp mill.

5 Stamp Mill

View from ground level.

Porch View of Stamp Mill
View from museum porch.

This is a five stamp mill used to crush ore (quartz) to particles to the size of sand. Releasing the gold from the quartz. Each stamp weighs 1,000 pounds and drops 8 inches 100 times per minute for a total weight of 100,000 pounds per minute per stamp.

This mill was in operation for many years at the GOLD KEY MINE, in the Whitlock mining district about five miles north of where it is now located on our museum grounds. This mill is one half of the original 10 stamp mill.

The mill is a gift from Harry Odgers and John Fulham of Mariposa County. It was moved to the museum grounds and restored by Harry Odgers in 1974.

It is one of the few still operational (running) stamp mills in California gold country today. It is frequently run for group tours.

Video of 5 Stamp Mill in operation (be sure to turn on video sound).

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This is a fully functioning exhibit and may be added to your guided tour schedule – Contact museum tour coordinator for details.

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