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Family Research

Are you searching for your ancestors in Mariposa County? Many old original records are filed in the museum’s research library, and many of these records include information about families from surrounding counties, as well. On-site research is conducted by appointment only. Appointments are scheduled by calling the museum office at (209) 966.2924, between 10am – 4pm, Monday through Friday. The research room is relatively small, so appointments are restricted to two clients at a time.

Research By Mail

Research by mail is an option you may want to consider. In order for research to yield accurate results, though, it is important that the names, dates, and places that you provide are as specific as possible.

How to Research in Mariposa

The following are some tips to aid you in your research:

  • Do you have documentation that the family lived in Mariposa County?
  • Can you pinpoint the time period when they were living here?
  • Have you found them in the Census Records for the time period you are searching?
  • Have you checked the Birth, Death, Marriage, and Land Records Index in the Hall of Records?
  • In the case of Land records, land distribution occurring after a death often names family members and where they live.
  • Have you checked court records: Filings for Wills, Probate, or Dispute records?

Mariposa County’s records date back to 1850, with the originals located in the Hall of Records. A substantial number of these original documents – donated to the museum through the years – have been inventoried, an ongoing process. Please note that many of Mariposa County’s records are on microfilm or microfiche and are available at the main branch of the Mariposa County Library.

Research Fees

Research conducted in the museum’s research room is free for members, with the free-hour limit determined according to membership level. Research fees for non-members – or members who’ve exceeded their free research limit – is $25 per hour. Research resources include all public records, as well as documents in our private collections. Document copy fees are 50 cents per sheet, while the fee for image copies printed on photo paper is $5 per photograph.

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